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Our Daily Brett AB
Caduceus Cellars AZ
Pantry LA CA
Andrew's Cheese Shop CA
Rainbow Grocery CA
Market Hall Foods CA
Rio De Ojas CA
The Spanish Table San Francisco CA
The Fatted Calf - SF CA
The Fatted Calf - Napa CA
Greentable Hospitality CA
J.R. Republic Inc. CA
Durango Natural Foods Co-op CO
Natural Grocers  CO
August CT
Baked & Wired, Inc. DC
Foodland Ala Moana #11 HI
Ketchum Kitchens ID
The Curated Pantry IL
Helens Bottle Shop MA
Cafe DuPays (Vincent's) MA
LeRoux Kitchen Portland ME
The Cheese Shop Of Portland (ME) ME
Art of the Table MI
Martha's Vineyard MI
Joe's Parkway MT
Vaste Riviere Provisions NC
Marks Pantry and Bottle Shop NE
Haworth Wine & Spirits NJ
Park Slope Food Coop NY
Court Street Grocers NY
Marbled Meat Shop NY
Fort Defiance NY
Labouffe International Gourmet OR
World Foods OR
Atelier de Fer PA
Herman's Coffee PA
Art in the Age PA
La Hacienda Foods PR
A&M Provisions SC
Scardello TX
DeLaurenti Pike’s Place Market WA
Field Bar WA
Basecamp WY


If you can't find Chili Beak in your area, contact us directly at and help us bring our passion to your local stores and restaurants.


We believe that food is best when shared

Have you ever noticed how much more fun it is to hang out with friends and family when food is on the table?  There is something special about food that brings people together and that can make every gathering special. This is why Chili Beak is not just a spicy brand, we are continue to be a family business! We truly believe that our products help people to connect. However we can, we desire to build healthier relationships with our community through the promotion of great food.



Our story..

The Chili Beak journey began many years ago in Mexico, when the founders discovered a flavorful spicy chili oil. They found it to be great on so many different meals, and [also] fell in love with each other.After moving to Salt Lake City and not being able to find anything similar to what they had back in Mexico, they began crafting their recipe. After several months of trial and error, they created the first handcrafted batch of Chili Beak.

 "Growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico, I was surrounded by delicious foods, from my grandmas enchiladas, to street tacos serving handmade tortillas, to fresh flavorful ceviches at the markets. Each accompanied with a unique spicy salsa. There was one in particular that grabbed my Texas husband’s attention: a chili oil sauce. Once we settled in our new home, we wanted to craft our own chili oil to add a unique kick to our meals and to share with friends."~ Giselle, Chili Beak Founder 


After four years of building the brand thru neighborhood stores and farmer's markets, The founders decided to focus on their family and move on to new ventures. This is when they made friends with the new owners, who added new products to the line and introduced the brand to larger nationwide retailers. Stay tuned for more on chapter two!