Spicy Collab with Ritual Chocolate!

Spicy Collab with Ritual Chocolate!

It's a big year for us at Chili Beak! We partnered with Ritual Chocolate in Heber City, Utah to launch the Desert Sands Bar. 

We are proud to share our very first oat milk white chocolate bar.

To celebrate the summer sun, this Limited Edition bar is inspired by the Utah deserts with a beautiful sandstone hue, chili oil and crystallized ginger for a spicy kick.

 Always looking for local partnerships, we have connected with our SLC neighbors, Chili Beak, and have added their Original Spicy Roast Chili Oil which is a blend of Chile de Arbol, Guajillo & Chipotle peppers. 

This is a truly experimental bar for us and one that is already a favorite among our team here at Ritual. The light creaminess of the white chocolate, with chewy ginger pieces and chili heat, makes this the perfect summer bar.

Stay tuned for more spicy collabs to come!