JP’s World Famous Whiskey Pancake Syrup

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From its early beginnings of being introduced at a local bike and car show to its growing popularity, JP’s World Famous Whiskey Pancake Syrup is well on its way to living up to its name. And even the story behind it is cool. JP was making breakfast for the crew of volunteers, helping him out at Burning Man. He decided to add a little whiskey to the syrup, and it became an instant classic. From there was born the best thing to happen to flapjacks since butter.

This breakfast blend is aged in whiskey barrels, creating a wonderfully pleasant aroma and delicious flavor. It is available at multiple locations, including the distillery itself, Boozetique in Salt Lake City, and in Holliday, it’s available at The Store. And this syrup is great on a lot of other breakfast foods as well. Waffles, crepes, and buttered biscuits are just a few examples. And for something adventurous, try it in a s’more!