CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! Spicy Peppermint Chocolate Caramels

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! Spicy Peppermint Chocolate Caramels

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Here come Chili Claus, Here comes Chili Claus. These caramels won't run over your grandma, but they will win over your tastebuds!  Sweet and spicy with a soft and creamy texture, ready to cozy up by the fire and Fa la la all the way into your stockings! 

6 pieces in a cute lil stocking sized box!

Get our limited edition Spicy Peppermint Chocolate Caramels for yourself or for stocking stuffers, set them out at your holiday dinner table to ensure your family comes back every year. Or be a Grinch and hoard them to yourself and watch Netflix all Winter, you do you, boo!

Ingredients: INGREDIENTS: cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, cream, butter, milk, organic cocoa, natural peppermint candy (organic evaporated cane juice, organic rice syrup, natural flavors), dried chili flakes, habanero powder, peppermint oil. CONTAINS MILK. MANUFACTURED ON EQUIPMENT THAT PROCESSES PEANUTS AND TREE NUTS