2023 Spicy Knit Beanies

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It was a cold and snowy winter day, and Jane was feeling in the mood for something cozy and warm. She decided to take a walk down Main Street and see if any of the local small businesses had anything new in stock.

As she was walking, she noticed a small shop that she had never been in before. The sign above the door read "Spicy Knits: Handmade Winter Hats and Accessories." Jane's ears perked up at the mention of winter hats, and she decided to go in and check it out.

Inside, the shop was warm and cozy, with a small fireplace burning in the corner. Rows of colorful winter hats lined the walls, each one more unique and beautiful than the last.

Jane browsed the selection, trying on a few different styles before finally settling on a beautiful hand-knit hat in a deep shade of red. The hat was made from soft, warm wool and had a playful pom-pom on top.

As she was paying for her purchase, the shop owner came over to introduce herself. "I'm so glad you found us!" she said with a smile. "We're a small, family-owned business and we take a lot of pride in our handmade hats. I hope you enjoy your new hat!"

Jane thanked the owner and stepped out into the cold winter air, feeling grateful for the opportunity to support a local small business and keep warm at the same time. She pulled her new hat down over her ears and headed off into the snowy streets, feeling happy and cozy from head to toe.

-The Assistant 



these beanies are not handmade, but hand stitched with the ChillBeak bird tags. Check out www.ChillBeak.com